Serving With Joy

A Post from my IG that I wanted to share through my blog. I’ve been overwhelmed with how God just continues to Love on me. I’m at loss for words at how he uses an unworthy mess like me and redeems me for his glory. Be blessed!

  • tgang__Not pictured: COFFEE☕
    Thank you Lord for the strength! 2 services down and 1 more to go. So thankful that I’m able to serve as a daughter of a king & feel like through Christ, with my fellow team mates making a positive impact in my very own community. Worship unites us all whether we’re beginners in our faith or ppl who have known God, even the prodigals or nonbelievers. I used to think I’d have to do so much and make a big contribution to whatever organization to make a difference (which is still awesome BTW!) But I know for me it is ONE worship song at a Time because GOD shows up and does only what he can do! Come what may but praise will never cease from my Lips💕
    #WorshipDiaries #NeedMoreCoffeeLol #FillMeUp

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